Online Prep

You’re unique, and so are we.

 is an online membership built to help navigate you through the intricacies of the college audition process. Watch my online video sessions as I personally guide you step-by-step. Search my database of performing arts programs and learn how to create a smart college list. Study example headshots and resumes and use my guidance to find the perfect monologue for your type. Cut out clutter with the help of my organizational tools.


How it works

In this first-ever online prep for performing arts applicants, I will personally guide you through the entire college audition process. From picking the perfect monologue to formatting your resume, your membership to  covers everything.


So much more than an online video series.

is an online membership, and membership has its benefits.

Year-long unlimited viewing of online videos
Access to my first-ever published list of colleges and their programs
Resume, headshots and songbook from students who got in
Podcasts interviews with colleges
Monologue resources list
Organizational tools designed specifically for the college audition process