Read CAREFULLY each colleges' requirements below. Then REREAD THEM.
Also read the General Schedule and Dance Call Instructions

  1. We recommend you print out these documents for reference. Do NOT refer to the college’s websites for the Moonified audition requirements.  The Moonified audition requirements are specific to Moonifieds and won’t be found on the colleges' websites. Please do not contact the colleges directly.

  2. YOU HAVE UNTIL OCTOBER 15TH TO SEND NORMAL YOUR COLLEGES. Do not rush. It is better to wait and send them when you are sure, so that there are no changes. Spots WILL NOT FILL UP! We guarantee.

  3. Normal will email your final audition schedule by November 1st to the students' email address.

  4. If you have questions, direct them to “Normal” Nancy Marston at

Please listen to the podcasts on your dashboard's Listen page, to learn more about the college programs before deciding!

General Schedule 2018



Baldwin Wallace

Ball State

CAP 21

Coastal Carolina

Florida State

James Madison

Missouri State

Montclair State

Ohio Northern

Ohio University


Pace MT

Pace Acting

Penn State

Point Park


Shenandoah Conservatory


Texas State Acting

Texas State MT

Texas Tech

University Of Arizona

University Of The Arts

University Of Central Oklahoma

University Of Oklahoma


Wright State

Dance Call Instructions