NEW AND UPDATED! Purely Acting. Designed for students interested in applying to programs in acting or theater. Follow our nine online video sessions, as we guide you step by step through the college audition process with a special emphasis on the prescreen audition. Search our database of performing arts programs and learn how to create a smart college list. Utilize example headshots and resumes, and use our resources to find the perfect audition material for your type. And of course, cut out clutter with the help of our trademark designed organizational tools.

*Featuring acting instruction and audition examples from Barbara Mackenzie-Wood, professor of Acting/Music Theatre, Carnegie Mellon University.

Content Documents Included:

  • The first-ever published database of performing arts colleges
  • Our trademark designed organizational tools
  • Podcasts from college auditors
  • Audition material resources list
  • Example headshots and resumes

Video Sessions Content:

  1. Introduction
  2. Know Who You Are, Show Who You Are
  3. Selecting Your Material
  4. Create Your College List
  5. Headshot/Resume/Wardrobe
  6. Planning Your Audition Schedule 
  7. The Audition
  8. After the Audition

PLUS: Show Your Best Self: Creating Your Prescreen Audition. How-to instruction to shoot your own prescreen

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